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Practical Tax-Focused Financial Planning

For All of Your Financial Needs

Pacific Oak Wealth Management is an independent Registered Investment Advisor providing practical tax-focused comprehensive financial planning. As a fee-only financial planning firm, our services are uniquely tailored to each of our client's specific needs, and we serve our clients during the financial planning process through deep and meaningful relationships that last for generations. 

Committed to Your Best Interest

Our focus is to help you find a balance between your life goals and your financial means. We are not affiliated with a broker-dealer and we do not sell products of any kind, allowing us to always put our full focus on what is truly best for you.  We are retainer based and tax-focused.  

We Focus On Your Finances, So You Can Focus on Your Top Priorities


Shonty Spatola, CFP, CPA Photo

Shonty Spatola, CFP, CPA

Tax-Focused Personal Financial Planner, CPA, CFP.  I started my financial services career working for a prestigious local firm providing personal financial planning, financial statement audit, and tax services to high net worth clients, small and medium-sized businesses, and real estate investors.  My professional experience, education, entrepreneurial spirit, and passion for providing objective financial advice allowed me to start my firm.  As your Personal Financial Planner CPAs, we specialize in personalized tax-focused financial plans, income tax planning, compliance, and practical financial planning.  I have over 15 years of experience in Personal Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, and Investment Management.  I'm a Los Angeles native and I enjoy traveling, fitness, and spending time with my family. 

iconRetainer Based Personalized Financial Plans

Personalized financial plans prepared by CFPs and CPAs. The fundamental knowledge that CPAs have, combined with the training and subject areas of the CFP makes us different and is to your benefit. 

iconFocused on Your Peace of Mind

We are a fiduciary; therefore, we always place the client first. Our advice is objective and unbiased as we formulate financial and tax planning goals to meet the client's best interest.

iconA Dedicated Long Term Partner

We aim to develop long term relationships with our clients. We help individuals navigate financial, tax and economic news to better prepare and prosper during good times, as well survive during economic downturns. We’ll be a consistent partner through the good and the bad, and make sure you are as prepared as possible for both.


iconAward-Winning Service

We dedicate ourselves to providing outstanding client service, while working with integrity and professionalism.

iconA Modern Approach

We utilize technology to provide our clients with the most effective and convenient experience possible. This includes offering virtual meetings and easy to access online resources.


We offer upfront fee-only rates, no commissions, and no product sales.

Financial Planning and Accounting in the Greater Los Angeles area

We have a location in Woodland Hills and West Los Angeles, California.  However, we serve all 50 States, International, and locally serving Woodland Hills, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Calabasas, West Hills, Santa Monica, Brentwood, Bel Air, Pacific Palisades, West Los Angeles, Hollywood, South Bay, and surrounding areas.

Let us help you.


We’ll look at your entire financial picture and help you fit the pieces together properly.

Whether you are just setting out on your financial journey, or seeking to protect what you have already created, we can guide you along the way. Substantial savings often result from better planning, and specifically, tax planning. As a CPA, I have an increased focus on taxes and their impact in all investment and financial planning decisions.  

Taxes - Don't Pay More Than You Have To

All of our planning is tax-focused.  For our clients, tax preparation, tax planning, tax preparation and accounting services for small businesses, individuals, and trusts provided by Spatola & Company CPA Inc.  

Our financial planning and investment recommendations always consider ways to invest more tax-efficiently within your existing accounts, and we'll recommend the most tax-efficient savings vehicles for your personal situation.

Our objective in creating investment portfolios is to seek out low cost, tax advantaged and high quality securities.

Investing is a long- term endeavor. Most of us aim to build wealth over time, but it can be challenging. Here at Pacific Oak Wealth Management, we believe it is necessary to have a clear sense of why you are investing in the first place, and then stick with a disciplined investment strategy. 

What's Included:

Everyone is different, so we create a tailored investment plan based on your individual needs and circumstances. Your tolerance for risk and goals for your life are the two main ingredients that go into making your plan uniquely yours. All new engagements include an initial investment meeting, where we will meet to explain investing terms, risks, and asset allocation. This is also when we will establish your individual risk tolerance. 

Objective, Fee-Only Advice Designed Just For You

Who We Help

Families/Working Professionals

Nearing Retirement

It can be difficult to know exactly when you’re financially ready to retire. We’ll help you with everything from making sure that you have enough saved, to answering any insurance questions you may have.

Already Retired

Make sure you are financial ready to enjoy retirement to the fullest. We can help answer your questions regarding Social Security, spending, health care, and more.

We’re Here to Help - Let’s Get Started Today


If you'd like to receive more information about our services, please click HERE or please click New Client Inquiry in the upper right-hand corner of the header on this page to get started.  

Woodland Hills location:

6303 Owensmouth Ave 10th Fl
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Westside location:

12100 Wilshire Blvd 8th Fl
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Toll free

Toll Free (877) 292-6459 


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